I didn't plan on failing...

Nobody does. The dream I had was inspiring. I wanted to help people. I jumped in with both feet and everything I had. I left a secure job, moved across the state, and got to work building the dream. Three years later it was all gone. I had failed.

What I learned was life changing...

Failure is not permanent. It does not define me or the rest of my life.

Out of this rebound I discovered a new personal mission:

Help other men get their rebound.

I created Rebound Life Coaching for men who have been knocked down by life.

It's time to GET BACK UP!

Many things knock us down. Men don't need to stay down. Men shouldn't just exist; stumbling through life like a zombie!

There's a war on the masculine soul. Rebound Life Coaching exists to equip men for the war. In Rebound Life Coaching you'll find training, encouragement, coaching, and a brotherhood.

"Make your comeback so good that people have to get to know you again!"

Ron Geisler
Founder, Rebound Life Coaching

Let's get you a rebound...

Men, we need these four things to have success...

Trusted friends.

After my failure, I discovered a formula for rebounding. As I applied this formula I began finding success in my career and family. But more importantly, as I rebounded I discovered joy, meaning, and purpose. Everything began to align. We'll work together to help you discover a new purpose and new meaning. You'll align your values with your purpose and create a step-by-step pathway out of failure and into a brand new experience.

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Rebound Life Coaching

Have you experienced failure in your career, marriage, parenting, or life in general?

Do you want something better?

Let's work together to get you back on track.

Life begins when you get back up!

Regular Packages 
One Session (1 hour) Take it one session at a time. Coaching at your own pace will get you started in the right direction.
Rebound Jumpstart 4/1 hour sessions. One month of weekly sessions helps you jumpstart your goals. Personalized to meet your needs.
Ultimate Rebound12/1 hour sessions. Establish new habits, a new vision, and align your values to your purpose. This is the experience for the man who wants his ultimate rebound.
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