There is a war on the masculine soul...

Let's be honest - it's hard being a guy. It's especially hard when we feel like we're failing. I get it! I've gone through a few times of failure myself. That's why I coach men to RESTORE, BUILD, and LEAD a life of purpose and impact.

Let's get you a rebound...

Men, we need these four things to have success...Restoration
Trusted friends.
After my failure, I discovered a formula for rebounding. As I applied this formula I began finding success in my career and family. But more importantly, as I rebounded I discovered joy, meaning, and purpose. Everything began to align. We'll work together to help you discover a new purpose and new meaning. You'll align your values with your purpose and create a step-by-step pathway out of failure and into a brand new experience.You Matter! You Deserve a Rebound!

"Make your comeback so good that people have to get to know you again!"Ron Geisler
Founder, Rebound Life Coaching

Here's what others have said...

I reached out to Rebound Life Coaching at an extremely low point in my life and career. I had worked for years to reach some goals I set, and all of the sudden, life fell apart. I was devastated. I was directionless. I doubted myself, my skills, and my abilities. Ron guided me through some dark and difficult days. Ron helped me clarify what I was created to do and develop a new vision for my life. I highly recommend Rebound Life Coaching!

"Not only did Ron Geisler and Rebound Life Coaching give me back hope when I was in a dark place, but he went to the next level to help identify concrete steps that I could take to improve my situation.
Ron is results-driven and helped keep me accountable, so I'd get the most value out of his coaching. His compassion and wisdom helped me make changes that I would not have been able to make otherwise."
(Drew)This has been a great journey. Ron and I have been meeting for a few weeks now. After losing my wife 6 years ago to cancer, figuring out my next steps has been a lot more stumbling but Ron has been awesome!

Have you experienced challenges or failures in your career, marriage, parenting, or life in general?Do you want something better?Let's work together to get you back on track.Life begins when you get back up!

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